She was the child of Leto and Zeus – because of Hera’s jealousy her twin brother brother Apollo was a difficult delivery. Artemis, born first, assisted her brother’s birth, which took nine days and nine nights.
Not surprisingly, when Zeus offered her a reward for saving her mother’s life, Artemis chose eternal chastity. Watching your mother give birth for more than a week will do that to you.
But she did once fall in love and would have given up her vow if her jealous brother Apollo had not tricked her into killing her lover. The Greeks and their tales of the Gods and Goddesses were clearly an early form of The Bold and the Beautiful.

Nevertheless, they invariably inspire you to write something:

And my father asked me,
What can I give you
For saving your mother’s life?
Just to run free and to hunt the stag
With my sisters at my side.


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