Waiting for Harry

8.30am, July 16 2005, a small town in Queensland, Australia and a bunch of happy strangers are waiting for Harry…
I preordered Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince over a month ago, $10 down and the promise of a `magic price’ on HP Day. Since I had bought Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix through the same sellers two years ago, I was happy to go the same route again. For one thing, they always made a bit of an occasion of it.
This year was no exception. There were lots of little Hermiones and Harrys in the queue, including a young Daniel Radcliffe lookalike with glasses, but with dark blonde hair. He was getting a lot of covert glances from the Hermiones.
The staff rose to the occasion in pointed hats, and even dressed one of their number up in Harry Potter robes and glasses to keep the crowd amused. This he did, cracking jokes, casting spells on the other staff members and handing out lollipops.
The atmosphere was terrific – all over the world, at this time, HP fans would be doing exactly what we were doing, waiting for the boxes to arrive and the first books to be handed out. The sense of camaradie, even among older relatives just there to pick up a copy for a loved grandkid or nephew or niece, was heartwarming. It’s wonderful how a book can bring people together.
The lookalike situation got a little spooky – a dead ringer for JK Rowling, trailing two children, walked in and joined the queue.
Then came the big moments, as the boxes were carried in and lined up on the counter. We all craned our necks to see the first one opened. The store manager started handing out free Harry Potter caps to those who had preordered. No, I won’t be wearing mine – I have a grandson who will love it.
And best of all, the price was magical – all I had to pay on top of my $10 AUSD deposit was $12.50!
I won’t be publishing any spoilers as I read it – except to say the the illustration on the inside of the dust jacket is VERY intriguing…

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