Brisbane Barrio Fiesta 2011

Still recovering from the last long weekend (June 12-13). We attended the Filipino Barrio Fiesta at Yeronga, near Brisbane, on the Sunday. The barrio is all about the food, but there was great music, dancing and a party atmosphere as well.

Can’t remember what we ate – I think it was everything.

Long queues at the stalls – you can see from the overflowing bins how popular they were! All got cleaned up by busy volunteers at the end of the day though. My favourite was the drinks stall selling fruity bubble tea – took ages to get a drink but it was worth it, especially the mango and watermelon – yum yum. There was a grocery stall as well, so we stocked up on half price Skyflakes, daikon and those lovely pandan and melon flavored cakes.
The kids loved the Jolibee Mascot – Jolibee is the Filipino fast food company. He was so popular kids were following him around everywhere – and he even planked, with a little help from his friends!
We followed the Barrio with a birthday party at the Filipino in-laws – another feast! I swear they could have catered the Barrio by themselves. Filipinos are party animals! Then we all sank into what my daughter calls “a Filipino food coma”. Bring on next year!