Anthologies looking for submissions in 2013

At any time during the year there are usually a bunch of anthology publishers looking for submissions. The guidelines can vary, but many actually do pay writers, or at least offer a cut of the profits – although you have to be wary of these. If the publisher doesn’t intend to do any promotion and leaves it all to the writers, there won’t be much revenue share.

Always read the guidelines carefully, and make sure you know what you are getting into. I’m offering some links here to anthologies that offer reasonable compensation.

Weaver Press is looking for submissions for its Far Orbit Anthology of speculative space adventures. Length is up to 10,000 and some reprints are acceptable (not those that have been in other anthologies). Payment is 0.0/1 a word,and a paperback author’s copy. Deadline March 31 2013. The anthology editor Bascomb James has an article on what he is looking for here.

LocoThology: If you love pirates, this is the anthology for you. They want any kind of pirates but the genre must be scifi/fantasy. 250-10,000 words, 1 cent per word up to $25 for short stories. Poetry and illustrations are also sought but check the guidelines for rates. Deadline April 30 2013.

Daylight Dims: This looks like an interesting project, but as the anthology is to be sold as an ebook for $2.99 so the payment is a small honorarium of $5. Submit horror stories between 2500-7500 words at the website. Deadline is June 30 2013.

The Future Embodied Anthology: Speculate on how the future may change our bodies and what it really means to be human in a story and you can submit to this anthology. The subjects will cover genetic engineering, age reversal, imprints and prosthetics and anything that can change the body and retard aging. 2000-5000 words,payment 1 cent per word. Submissions open on March 1 2013 and close on March 31 2013 so there is plenty of time to work on your story. The payment may be upgraded to 3 cents a word to encourage more submissions.

Less Than Three Press If You’re Reading This…This one pays well – $200 plus 5% of subscription sales. Requirements are 10,000 words or more (published as 5,000 episodes), same sex romance, happy endings (or happy for now at least). Check it out if you have something that fits the bill. Deadline February 28 2013.

Plus a free one that looks like fun: if you’ve been doing the Friday Fictioneers 100 word challenges, the Another 100 Horrors anthology is looking for reprints or new 100 word stories. No pay but they sound OK. Submissions are open until January 31 2013.


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