Autumn in Australia…

…is still darned hot, leading one to hope that a long Indian summer means a long winter in which to get over it. But in an area where there are deciduous trees, Autumn is still a beautiful sight.

glow of autumn

Deciduous trees are usually found in botanical parks and higher locations here in Queensland but with the warmth of the Autumn sun pouring through the leaves they take on an unearthly fiery transparency. This maple grows in Queens Park, Ipswich.


Queens Park is also home to this Japanese maple, which looks a bit caramelly and good to eat.

dragon rock stdney chinese gardens

The Chinese Gardens in Sydney is always filled with Austumn glory after Summer has gone. This is the lake in the middle of the gardens where you can find Dragon Rock.

stone lantern and maple

This pretty vista is at the University of Queensland’s Japanese Garden in Toowoomba. Designed by Professor Kinsaku Nakane of Kyoto, it is a serene and beautiful place, and naturally, in Autumn, a feast for the eyes.


One of the great things about cooler weather is being able to light fires again – well, perhaps not just yet, but always around my birthday, which is in winter. I can do the old campfire thing, making billy tea and roasting corn and potatoes in the embers. Can’t wait!


3 thoughts on “Autumn in Australia…

  1. I like this post. I have been thinking exactly the same thing. The autumn leaves haven’t really started changing colour down here yet though. Your photos are quite magical. I particularly like the first and the third ones.

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