The real crisis is not another PM spill, but the effluent it left behind

For four days in August, 2018, I was glued to the TV screen. I watched, horrified, as the greedy, ambitious, racist and self-absorbed underbelly of Australian politics was laid bare – as the full ugliness of Australia’s right wing politicians and media was exposed. None of the talking, shouting, hate-spewing heads cared what we thought, as they left us all in no doubt how little we were worth. When it was over, they were still there.

For some years now, I have been wondering where this country is headed, and have been drawing away from old allegiances. I have withdrawn my vote, my loyalty and my faith in political solutions,. That used to be my hope for the future. Now I watch NITV and SBS for messages that someone still cares about the earth beneath our feet and the life on it that needs our allegiance. I will use my vote for this – I will ask, do you inspire me? Can you offer this country a way through the spreading filth of cruelty and hate? Not Pauline Hanson, of course, but neither do the people who now lead us or would lead us. I want to think carefully about who or what I support. Not for political correctness but because I no longer want my hands to be soiled with the slime that pours out of Canberra’s parliamentary sewers – nor do I want to wash my hands of it, as I used to. It is too appalling. I want no part of those who imprison and torture children, who scrape the coffers clean to line their own pockets while families sleep in cars and others sleep in doorways, who refuse to acknowledge anyone under $40,000 per annum even exists. I will oppose this in any way I can for however long I have left.


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