Barrio 2013!

After last year, we were all worried that the Brisbane Barrio Fiesta had lost its mojo – but this year I am happy to say it came back bigger and better than ever. It was great fun, and great food, all the way.

barrio2013 kids stall1

One of the new attractions was a kids’ activity tent. Here my granddaughters get into the fun of painting and decorating. If anyone spotted that pink My Little Pony baby she is holding, could you leave a comment? She is very upset at losing it.

barrio 2013 layla art

Very proud of her art work!

barrio 2013 2The weather was a bit overcast, but there was no rain, and a good crowd gathered. There were lots of stallas as well, and that always is good to see.

barrio 2013 bread stall

This is good to see as well – lots of lovely bread. I bought loaves and yummy coconut buns to take home and enjoy!

barrio 2013 cake pop

My grandkids loved the cake pops – this one was sooo pretty – until grandson ate it up!

barrio 2013 dancer

On stage there were graceful, beautiful dancers…

barrio 2013 girl duo

and talented singers

barrio 2013 family
I met this beautiful family from Saints Crusade

barrio 2013 food queue
and the queue for Hector’s Lechon went on forever, as usual – but on the Fruit Spin stall, the bubble tea ran out – sob!

barrio 2013 paquino Tshirt

My son-in-law Mannie got this great Tshirt

barrio 2013 adria

All in all – a great day. Can’t wait for next year.

Barrio Festival 2012

2012 may not be the end of the world as we know it, but will it be the end of the Brisbane Barrio Festival that celebrates all things Filipino? It’s been a bad year for our favourite fiesta. First it was cancelled mid year due to disagreements among members of the organising committee, then was rescheduled to September 9. But the rumours grew that many stall attendees had dropped out – almost half, we were told.

Half? More like 80 per cent! This is what the fabled food fest looked like on Saturday:

One food stall. One drink stall. And the food was all gone by the time we got there. The Filipino Son in Law was shattered. He had gone to extreme lengths to transport a big family party there from the outskirts of Ipswich, and all there was left to eat was churros. They were pretty good, but they didn’t make up for the absence of real food.

Last year it was a blast, with the planking mascot from Jolibee, grocery stalls, lines of food stalls and more bubble tea outlets than bubbles in the tea. This year it looked desolate. I never saw so many broken hearted Filipino men when the food ran out.

Of course, there were the usual parade of gorgeous dancers in their lovely dresses. There was a contingent from our home town as well.

The entertainment was good, with a great girl singer on stage, but we had skipped breakfast in anticipation of the food, and since it had taken most of the morning just to get there, we were starving. So we gave up and headed for Hancook, the SiL’s favourite Korean restaurant in Southbank, where he could dine us in style at a great restaurant with great food and great staff.

Now that’s what I’m talking about! Let’s hope the Barrio Committee can get their mojo back by next year.