Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter…and Spring


One of the most beautiful and moving films ever made. The setting is exquisitely beautiful, a temple floating on a lake surrounded by hills and trees. It is home to an old monk and the young boy he is training. This is spring, in the boy’s innocent youth.


In summer, when the boy is in his teens, he gets his first taste of desire when he meets a young girl, whose mother is seeking help for the girl’s illness. When the old monk sends the girl away, the boy also leaves, and the seasons turn to autumn and winter, as the world outside intrudes.


This lyrical poem of a movie was directed by multi talented Kim Ki-Duk, who also plays the boy as an adult. Ki-Duk directed also directed the intriguing 3-Iron. Every frame in Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter…and Spring s a work of art, every movement of the camera is pure zen. The performances are excellent but it is Ki-duk’s vision that lingers long in the memory after the closing credits.